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A coaching program for women to help you tap into your feminine energy,  unlock your potential and live your *wildest dreams*. 

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Ready to live Your Best Year Yet?

You're in the right spot if you desire to get unstuck, start feeling alive, and *actually get what you want out of life*(sounds pretty magical, huh?).

Who this is for

You're a Multi-Passionate Women

Who started to tap into her feminine energy & have a strong feeling there is more to life

You're a Busy
Business Owner

Who is starting to feel burnt out and needs a way to make big impact in the world without all the hustle

You're a Lady

Searching for her purpose and desiring deeper connection in all areas of your life

(and maybe you're a little of all three 😉)

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What you can expect

This 12-Month program will help you go from...

  • Uninspired to exhilarated,
  • Burned out to thriving,
  • Avoiding new relationships to expanding your circle,
  • Directionless to knowing (and living) your purpose,
  • and have confidence in your fullest potential

What women (like you!) are saying


"I enjoy working with Emily, she has great insights and always makes me feel comfortable through the process of reaching my goals. I really appreciate the time and attention she puts into each session."


"So incredibly grateful to have the chance to work with Emily! The intentions Emily crafted for me were SO spot on, I felt so connected and supported by Emily, and had such a beautiful experience!"

What you get

The "Your Best Year Yet" Curriculum

Monthly worksheets, journal prompts, and progress crafted to help you reach your unique goals

Monthly Coaching

60-minute monthly call focused on what you need at that moment and helping you plan for the month ahead.

Unlimited Telegram Message Support

Stuck on something? Confused? Need advice? Get direct access to Emily so you can get support in real time.

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Meet your coach, Emily

Emily Spang has been a coach for over 5 years, a certified breathwork facilitator for 3 years, and throughout this time has worked individually with more than 100 women and over 50 entrepreneurs to help them discover and build the world they want to see. In addition to the above, she has achieved complete location freedom and has been a business owner for 8+ years.

Results Emily's Clients Achieved

🔥Ranked in the top 20% of podcasts on Spotify

🔥Raised over 100K in grant money

🔥Quit their 9-5's jobs to pursue and thrive in full-time entrepreneurship

🔥Launched eCommerce shops and Etsy boutiques

🔥Published books and achieved the Amazon bestseller list

🔥Overcame anxiety to travel and enjoy more experiences

🔥Deepened their relationship with themselves and discovered their purpose

🔥Found deeper meaning in their 9-5 and discovered ways to connect with their team

And that's just the beginning!

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More of what women are saying


"The whole experience was great. Every session is much needed and always seems to go with what I'm feeling that day. Overall would recommend it and can't wait for future sessions. This truly shifted my life."

A Deeper Look at the "Your Best Year Yet" Curriculum

Month 01: Intention

We dig into your "why" (the reason behind everything you want to create) and set goals for the year.

Month 02: Belief

We focus on your mindset around making your goals happen and put routines in place to strengthen your confidence and help you achieve what you desire.

Month 03: Intuition

Build trust with your inner compass to help you make decisions, build relationships, and feel more alive from an aligned place.

Month 04: Boundaries

We will identify what is serving you and what isn't and put boundaries in place to help you live out your intention.

Month 05: Aliveness

Tap into the feeling of aliveness - the root of all euphoric feelings - to create experiences that deepen your connection with yourself and align with your soul's purpose.

Month 06: Desire

Connect to what you truly desire - and make those elements a reality in your everyday life (even in areas where you feel like it's impossible).

Month 07: Connection

Align that with the relationships you wish to cultivate in your life and build a better understanding of the qualities you look for - and admire - in others.

Month 08: Deepening Intention

Expand on your original "why" and align your daily actions to these deep, life-purpose intentions. 

Month 09:

Expand your belief and continue to increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Month 10: Deepening

Expand your intuition and invite this energy into more areas of your life to connect even deeper with yourself and others.

Month 11: Expanding
Your Purpose

As the new version of yourself, we look ahead to plan goals that align with the next phase of your life and reflect back on how far you have come.

Month 12:
Self Coaching Tools

In the final month, you will walk away with tools to see continued success and learn self-coaching techniques to navigate difficult situations or big decisions.

Everything you need to live Your Best Year Yet 

It's not just about setting goals; it's about finding what brings you joy and letting that spill over into all the areas of your life.

Ready to see what this next year can bring you?



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  • Worksheets
  • Journal prompts
  • Monthly Call with Emily
  • Unlimited Telegram Message Support
  • 12 months of topics that will alter your life
  • BONUS: A space created for you to discover and create Your Best Year Yet

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  • Worksheets
  • Journal prompts
  • Monthly Call with Emily
  • Unlimited Telegram Message Support
  • 12 months of topics that will alter your life
  • BONUS: A space created for you to discover and create Your Best Year Yet
  • PAY IN FULL ONLY BONUS: Private virtual breathwork call with Emily
  • EXTRA BONUS: Save $1,500

The *magic* is already inside of you.

Are you ready to unlock it?

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